1. Actions: Dobutamine [doe-BYOO-ta-meen] is a synthetic, direct-acting catecholamine that is a β1-receptor agonist. It is available as a racemic mixture. One of the stereoisomers has a stimulatory activity. It increases cardiac rate and output
with few vascular effects. 

2. Therapeutic uses: Dobutamine is used to increase cardiac output in congestive heart failure ,as well as for inotropic support after cardiac surgery. The drug increases cardiac output with little change in heart rate, and it does not significantly elevate oxygen demands of the myocardium—a major advantage over other sympathomimetic drugs.

3. Adverse effects: Dobutamine should be used with caution in atrial fibrillation, because the drug increases atrioventricular conduction. Other adverse effects are the same as those for epinephrine. Tolerance may develop on prolonged use.

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